English  Wafer Biscuit production line, Automatic wafer biscuit production line, China wafer buscuit line

Wafer biscuit production line full automatic, China wafer biscuit production line, automatic wafter biscuit high speed line
Full-automatic wafer biscuit production line is designed and manufactured according to the facts of domestic biscuit manufacturing industry and absorbing the most well-known wafer biscuit production lines of many oversea manufacturers, which features reliable performance,compact structure,small occupation,high yield,lower energy consumption,convenient maintenance,simple operation. It consists of baking oven,cooling tower,sheet picking machine,cream spreading machine,cooling cabinet,cutting machine,batter mixer,cream mixer and smash machine. The driven motors adopt SEW Germany, the bearings use SKF Fracne. Operating system uses PLC programing to make the process automated and easy control.
2.1 All motor, electrical equipments are international standard---famous international brand or Chinese brand
2.2 Reasonable layout, compact structure, small occupation
2.3 High automatic, stable performance,machine can be controlled separately, simple operation and easy maintenance
2.4 High biscuit demoulding rate and rate of finished product no less than 98%:uniform heating and unanimous heat color.
2.5 Special energy conservation design, low energy cost, can reduce pollution to an extreme
2.6 Machines’ material comply with food hygiene standard, all parts that contact with food are adopt 304 stainless steel
2.7 Special shape of wafer biscuit plate can also be made, such as big grid, steamed twisted roll and animal design etc., different patterns on plates could be optional according to the consumer’s demands

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