English  Lollipop production line, ball lollipop production line, rainbow lollipop prodcution line in China

Lollipop production line, ball lollipop production line, rainbow lollipop prodcution line in China
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Description by Manufacturer

The series is an automatic production line for ball lollipop with high capacity that is composed of batch roller, rope sizer, ball lollipop forming machine, shaking cooler and packing machine. It takes the advantages of high production efficiency and low defect rate. The lollipop package includes twist package and pillow type package.


1. continously vacuum cooker, guarantee the quality of sugar masses
2. Special forming machine is better for central-filling
3. capacity can be from 300 to 400kg/hr
4. Sanitary structure designed
5. Different filler, rope sizer and former work together automatically
6. Different candy shape can be made with different moulds
7. A better effect of cooling is available by the converying and cooling system
8. Lollipop can be made when the lollipop former is set instead of the hard candy former.

Production capacity : 2.5-4tons / 8 hours
Batch roller Total power :4.75kw Weight : 450kg Dimension : 2100*600*1150mm
Rope sizer Total power : 3.3kw Weight : 430kg Dimension : 1400*800*1300mm
Ball Lollipop Forming Machine Total power : 2.2kw Weight : 1100kg Dimension : 1500*1000*1200mm
Climbing machine Total power : 0.55 Weight : 50kg Dimension : 3300*400*600mm
Seven layer shaking cooler : Total power : 1.5kw Weight : 400kg Dimension : 2600*1300*2200mm

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